Churrascaria Restaurant

To understand the gaucho idea behind a churrascaria restaurant, you must first understand the gaucho way of life in the early 1800s. 

When European immigrants settled in Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil, cattle raising was the primary way of life. Gauchos (or cowboys) were the men who worked with the cattle. They had amazing horse-wrangling skills and a great appreciation for the land. They were nomads, following the cattle and the work.

A Churrascaria is Born

Because the gauchos had no way to preserve food, after butchering a cow, they would skewer and cook large portions of meat immediately over a fire. The meat was slow-cooked, basting in its own juices, creating tender, flavorful steaks. 
The tradition is carried still today, especially at Taurinus. We’re proud of our ancestry and strive to produce delicious meals for our patrons in San Jose, CA.

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